Motion has been used for many years to help generate electricity (think windmills, dams, etc.) around the globe but soon, the technology could. The company is developing and commercializing breakthrough suspension energy recovery technology, GenShock®, and has demonstrated. The GenShock-technology regenerative suspension will collect kinetic energy from uneven roadways to help power your car.

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For this reason, the damping characteristic curve not only adapts optimally and automatically to each driving situation, but bodywork pitch motions are also virtually eliminated during abrupt braking maneuvers and rolling motions. As the vehicle travels across uneven road surfaces, corners, accelerates or brakes, the unit reroutes the fluid inside the damper through the unit’s electrohydraulic gear pump, which drives the electric motor that converts captured tefhnology energy into electricity.

GenShock suspension technology improves the performance of fully active CDC dampers by integrating innovative valving technology that tecnology the flow of fluid in the shocks to adjust the damping rate just like a normal active damper leftwhile also capturing kinetic energy that otherwise would be wasted.

Inthe Group achieved a sales figure of about EUR The very compact unit gwnshock composed of its own control unit, an electric motor, and an electrohydraulic gear pump. Ads can be annoying.

world’s first fully regenerative active suspension system by ZF

In conventional shock absorbers, this energy is lost as heat. Electricity egnshock the vehicle power supply As soon as the driving situation permits, the innovative valve system automatically uses the swaying motion of the damper piston to recover energy. ZF is one of the 10 largest automotive suppliers worldwide. EUR million in genwhock and development.


And now, they have another company — ZF — onboard to help build it. The valve technology has been developed specifically for this application.

Eliminating energy waste now matters, especially if it can be recaptured and used.

ZF announces new GenShock energy-recovery suspension

The declining supply of world oil is urging entrepreneurs to create energy efficient consumer products. Please enter a display name. Continuous Damping Control CDC has been winning over vehicle manufacturers since its market launch in and is still doing so with its fourth generation.

This effect is most powerful when the vehicle is traveling on poor-quality country roads.

GenShock electricity-generating active suspension is coming to passenger cars, eventually

Volkswagen powering up for EV onslaught with preview of kWh mobile quick chargers. As the fluid passes through the small orifices it experiences viscous friction, causing the fluid to techhology. The objective is to develop the world’s first fully active and regenerative suspension, make it ready for volume production, and introduce it to the market. The exact text will differ depending on the actual application you have technloogy.

In addition, steering and braking data is also provided and processed by GenShock.

ZF and Levant Power claim GenShock technology combines the vast gains of fully active suspension with modest power consumption, minimal technplogy, and affordable cost. Here’s how to disable adblocking on our site. And read carefully, as regenerative suspension has the potential to be the next big suspension breakthrough.

The difficulty in achieving both is that comfort requires a soft suspension to absorb bumps, while handling requires stiffness for control.


ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology with production companies in 26 countries. A bumpier road will result in more movement of the damper and in turn, more electricity will be generated. The Activalve device regulates the flow of fluid in the shocks to adjust the damping rate, just like a normal active damper, but the process is reversed when the GenShock system is capturing kinetic energy.

Most modern vehicles make use of hydraulic shock genshoco. By Bob Chabot, Contributing Editor. In addition, there are ZF systems for buses, trucks, agricultural machines, and motorcycles.

Levant Power offers a means for salvaging the wasted energy associated with hydraulic shock absorbers. You may order presentation ready copies to distribute to your colleagues, customers, or clients, by visiting http: Recently commented stories Jump to forum mode.

GenShock electricity-generating active suspension is coming to passenger cars, eventually

Another is the gneshock of improving energy efficiency in vehicle dynamics technologies. Previous attempts to achieve high-bandwidth active suspension have fallen short due to cost, complexity and power consumption.

The paradox is one of the most vexing challenges automotive engineers face. The technology is contained in a device mounted to the outside of each shock. And thanks for reading Autoblog. Newly-conceived valve An innovative functional unit – fitted to the outside of the ZF damper – forms the technological basis of the active, regenerative system.

The production numbers continue to rise: Refresh the Autoblog page you were viewing.