Regulatory documents · Customs Code of the Customs Union · Common Customs Tariff of the Customs Union · ID form · Preliminary resolutions · Search. No translation found. The selected product is available in German only. SWP Research Paper. Volker Stanzel (ed.) New Realities in Foreign Affairs: Diplomacy . Obtain the necessary Certificate of Conformity for the export of your products to the Eurasian Economic Union. Contact our experts now!.

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Vladimir Putin drew attention to the signing of the new Customs Code: He also drew attention that Armenia has over many centuries been an element of the Silk Road. What happens if there are no technical regulations for my products? Ageing Ethnic groups genetic history Immigration Life expectancy Retirement.

It was suggested that the countries develop mechanisms of export risks insurance and re-insurance, export financing programs, and encourage development of common service maintenance networks.

The increased use of the national currencies of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and the creation of a single payment system can eudasische about a transition to a single currency jnion the union. During a press briefing following the session of the Intergovernmental Council, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Karim Masimov noted that “the session was held as a very constructive dialogue.

The Treaty on Increased Integration in the Economic and Humanitarian Fields signed in laid the first foundation for economic convergence. We have also developed an understanding on how the countries would settle the issue of interchangeability of medicines.

Prime Minister of the Russian Federation.

Eurasian Economic Union

This applies, in particular, to the preparation of a new Customs Code and the Agreement on the Procedure for the conclusion of international treaties by the Union, i. In uerasische, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia, and later acceding states Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan signed the first agreements on the establishment of a Customs Union.


We propose a model of a powerful supranational association capable of becoming one of the poles in the modern world. The Trans-Asian Railway and the Asian Highway Network are cooperative projects among countries in Asia and Europe which have helped to improve highway and railway systems across the region. Here you can see the list of developed CU TRs. The Board of the Eurasian Commission embarked on practical work without delay.

But there are still many issues and problems we have to resolve by working together. The railways also have the potential for expansion, with the future creation of high-speed railway lines being considered. There are over proven mineral deposits in the country.

Russian president Vladimir Putin has upheld the idea of creating a parliament for the union. He added that an expert group on the elimination of barriers was formed, which included representatives of the business communities of the Union countries. Retrieved 17 March Councils of the Heads of authorized authorities of the EAEU Member States were created in the spheres of accreditation, standardization, agricultural sector and transport.

Eurasian Economic Commission

He called business to eruasische its key beneficiary. Among the topics for discussion there were: One of such advantages is savings in payment of import customs duties.

The Supreme Council also determines the strategy, direction and prospects of integration and takes decisions aimed at achieving the goals of the union. The second stage includes the free movements of goods, people, services and capital. The Eurasian Economic Union has 17 cities with more than 1 million inhabitants, the largest being Moscow. The countries of the Union have different levels of economic freedoms and state participation in the economy, solvency and debt sustainability, different eurawische of taxation and regulation of the financial market.

Tigran Sargsyan noted that according to the results of the yearthe Kyrgyz Republic demonstrated better economic uniln in the Eurasiscue Union on such important indicators as GDP growth, capital investment, volume of construction works. The Heads of Governments of the Union countries emphasized the importance of the Agreement on Pension Security for Workers of the EAEU Member States in the context of further developing integration processes and enhancing labor mobility.

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Marzes of the Republic of Armenia in Figures, — Almatythe major commercial and cultural centre of Kazakhstan. He also announced the country would pursue integration and continue on its path to join the Eurasian Economic Union. In JulyTurkey announced closer economic ties with the EEU, including a possible free trade agreement in the near future.

Inthe chemical industry’s specific weight in the overall industrial production was 1 percent. The EEC Council considered a number of issues in the areas of integration and macroeconomics, trade, economic and financial policy, industry, technical regulation, energy and infrastructure, and customs cooperation. The annual gross output reaches USD 3. Special regulations limit state intervention in the economy.

The Agreement on establishing a free trade area between the EAEU and Vietnam was signed; relevant negotiations on feasibility of entering into agreements with India, Egypt, Israel, Iran are conducted.

Archived from the original PDF on August 20, Belarus ready to move pretty fast towards single Eurasian sky”. The event was attended by members of the Council of the EEC: Retrieved 23 December It is located in the southwestern part of Asia, occupying the northeastern part of the Armenian Plateauand is located between the Caucasus and the Near East. Retrieved 26 December The Kyrgyz Republic has also received new positive economic effects from integration projects, which will be launched soon.

It was pointed out that the existence of a common market of the Nuion requires the development of joint approaches and measures in digitalization matters.