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The fT is lower than original, but datasyeet should not present a problem. Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning If not, this could be a reason why the original repair only lasted a month. It’s rare to find any Sankens that are NOT counterfeit parts these days. Repairing a Sansui G I purchased datasheeet from Mouser and spend an hour grading and marking them all. Replacing them with 10V caps solved the issues.

You mean re-marked so it’s not what it’s supposed toor just a fake manufacturer, so a possibly inferior product can command a higher price? Comes up not found at my regular suppliers.

They really ARE made of unobtainium! They were “ok”, but very expensive when compared to the real thing. Would typically last a year. Class A is the most inefficient, so yes, the constant power dissipation will shorten the life, especially if the substitute has a lower Pd.

The risk of having one fail and take out a half dozen expensive output transistors, plus devices on the driver board, seems too risky. One circuit I worked on used to use an MJ I can’t even find a datasheet for 2SC on the web. So it is up to the characteristics being audio-friendly. Personally, I’d tend to think that the chances of getting genuine parts from Digikey is pretty 2da968. Dear Comcast, I won’t use your email service NTE has a horrid reputation among repair circles and I like to avoid it.


Every rebuild of this magnitude comes with a mandatory recap. The other option is to go with all NTE parts, at the risk of investing parts and labor, only to have it sound bad, or worse, blow up again.

2SA 데이터시트(PDF) – List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

None of which give me a whole lot of peace of mind though. There are people that argue that matching isn’t critical if emitter resistors are employed. Went to datasheeet MJ, and they lasted a tad over 10 years. Anonb to daveinpoway Anon Jun-8 3: The O and Y are grades, as another person mentioned above.

The finals, though, is not where he allegedly has the problem.

2SA968 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

I think it ran right at the limit of current. Of course transistors have many more crucial parameters than caps, and sometimes one has to compromise when the original part is made of unobtainium. And yes, there were several circuits where I ran into troubles, as they were “close”, but not exact.


Perhaps things have changed, but, when I used to use NTE substitutes, I never had a bad one out off the box and none of them failed after being installed. I managed to get 32 devices that matched to my tolerance.

Whether they will work satisfactorily in this circuit remains to be seen. My biggest concern is having the amplifier come back a month later because the parts didn’t last. Yeah, I’ve seen the 6. Obviously, certain critical parameters have to be met, but even then, operating something close the edge could still lead to early failures. I’m 2sa68 comfortable with this situation, but he’s a regular customer and I don’t want any bad blood 2sa9668 refusing to work with him on this one.

The originals are 25W dissipation, while the substitutes are 20W dissipation.

It was not that they were bad, it is that thay are a generic replacement for many parts. Forward current 2sa986 ratio hFEmin: Anonb Anon Jun-7 5: There is evidence that the Darlington pairs had been replaced with substitutes fresh solder, part numbers differ from schema.

Just did a search on digikey with a few additional cases datassheet should mount onto a TO heatsink, and not very many results, and of those many are BU’s, which are switching transistors and I assume it’s not what you’re after.